Python: an Introduction Draft

Posted by Geoff, Published: 5 years, 3 months ago (Updated: 5 years, 2 months ago)

This project will serve as an introduction to Python as a language. Oddly enough in college I was not taught Python, our coding experience was essentially limited to using MATLAB. Despite ultimately finding a job that utilizes MATLAB, I saw that a majority of the positions that I was applying for desired experience in Python.

Therefore, I decided to begin learning Python in 2015, and ever since it has been my programming language of choice. This project will serve as a place for me to deposit the things that I have learned for those that are willing to read. Otherwise, it will serve as a reminder for me if I ever forget these basics.

Project Contents

Virtual Environments Draft

Virtual environments allow the users to create isolated Python environments. Virtual environments will not only allow you experiment with varying versions of a python package, but you can also have environments that use a different Python version from the host (i.e. you currently have Python 3.7 installed, but you are required to use Python 2.7 for a work project. You can simply create a Python 2.7 virtual environment, and activate it every time you need to use it for work).

Real World Example…

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Uploading a Python Package to PyPI Draft

Over your Python experience you have probably used the pip install command many times. As you no doubt have found out, it is a quick and easy way to share and obtain your favorite Python packages. This tutorial is going to show you how to upload your Python packages to PyPI so that your code is available through the pip install command. 

First step is you should make sure that your Python project follows the following file structure:


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